What we do

Obtaining a home loan does not have to be a stressful and time-consuming process. At Approved Lending we are here to ensure that getting a home loan is as simple and easy as it can be.

We get to know you personally to understand your unique circumstances so that your loan is structured to meet both your current and future needs. We work for you, not the bank.

We provide you with several comparisons from more than 30 lenders. We use our vast experience and latest technology to ensure:

  • Your loan is approved the first time
  • That deadlines are met
  • You are kept up-to-date throughout the process to settlement and beyond
  • That we continue to provide support even after your loan has settled

This is how we do it

Click on each section to find out more.

This is how we do it

Click on each section to find out more.

To not waste your time, we organise an initial phone call to get an understanding of your goals, your income, assets and other financial information. From this conversation we should be able to provide you with an indication of borrowing capacity. Even if you are not yet ready for finance, we will still work with you to let you know what is required to be finance ready.

We will request information from you which will assist us in providing accurate loan recommendations which best fit your needs and are the most competitive. We are flexible and can do this either online or in person.

Once you are comfortable with a loan option, we will prepare an application for the chosen lender and send it to you to review, sign and return.

Upon receipt of the signed loan application, we will then lodge your application and do the legwork to get you approved. We will keep you updated throughout this process.

Well done, you are almost there. The lender will now prepare the loan documents for you to review and sign. Once you receive them, we will review the loan documents with you so you understand exactly what you are signing. We will continue to liaise with all interested parties up until settlement and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Congratulations, this is the moment when the lender releases the money to buy, build or refinance to a cheaper loan. We will be there for you during the settlement process to let you know everything has gone through.

Even after your loan has settled, our job is not done. We will organise a time to check that your accounts are set up correctly. We will continue to be there for you for all your finance advice, queries and service. In addition, we will do annual loan and interest rate reviews to make sure that your finance is still the best option for you. Consider us as your Personal Bankers.

“Our goal is to offer the best solution to our clients and exceed their expectations at every stage of the loan process.”

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